Crema is the new digital reward program and payment solution for coffee shops. We are providing Starbucks Coffee Technology to small independent Coffee Shops. The app gives the ability to prepay coffee plans redeemable at the best coffee shops in town.

We reward the users when they use the app, and users can earn points each time they order a new Coffee !


Crema is one of the 12 startups that graduated from Founder Institute Montreal - Cohort 2014. We saw the struggle small Coffee shops face with loyalty. Thanks to our experience at Weetab, we realized small Coffee Shops cannot compete against big franchises like Starbucks. Today, Starbucks have their own digital loyalty program. That is why we decided to offer the same technology to all small independent coffee Shops (for free) with the ability to prepay a plan right from the app.

In 2015, we have been elected as the Best Food Startup in Montreal by 33 Entrepreneurs US/Canada Tour. We also were part of FoodX New York Cohort III in New York city.